10 Minute Do-Anywhere Yoga Flow

I'm headed off to lead a yoga retreat on Saturday! I'm so lucky that my job involves teaching and practicing all over the world.  I know that some of us are not as lucky and when we travel, it's hard to find the time or a studio that you want to practice in.  Well, FEAR NOT! Here's my 10 min sequence that you can do in the comfort of your hotel room, or on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica.  Follow along with the video, or for those of you who like to see things written out, below is the sequence.


Supta baddha konasana
Leg lifts x7
Yogi ab bikes x16
Navasana to Arda Navasana x5
Cow/cat x3
High plank to down dog x3
Sun Salutation A x3

Forward Fold
Easy Twist (left hand down right hand up)
Low lunge Twist
Pyramid Pose
Down Dog Split
Vinyasa (optional chinstand)

Down Dog Split
Side Plank
Low Lunge Twist
Side Angle
Triangle (oblique pull up)
Warrior 2
Peaceful Warrior
Half Moon
Warrior 3
Low lunge
OPTIONAL Forearm Stand

Child's Pose