Fly Your Freak Flag


One of the hardest parts about reclaiming who you are and what you want is letting go of the idenities that others place on you.  Sometimes it's easier and safer to conform than to stand out.  What I've come to realize about conforming is that it takes way more time and energy than it does to be myself.  Like most people, I have felt the pressure of the shoulds.  I should be a good daughter.  I should want children.  I should want to get married.  I should be an engineer, and when that didn't happen, I should try and push and become a renowned performer.  I should be excellent.  I should be happy. 

I could go on.  I grew up with a lot of expectations and thinking that fulfilling those expectations would earn me a gold star, or happiness, or love.  

But again, the shoulds are exhausting and their shine wears off so quickly. 

You know what never loses its vibrancy?  Being you and living a life that serves your higher purpose.

This week's flow is all about filling the space, the pause, each postsure with more of you- what you want and who you are. Let your body tell your story.


sivasana, hands on solar plexus
knees to chest, extend legs long to sky
leg lifts x10
rock up to boat
high boat to low boat x10
table top, cow & cat x3
high plank to down dog x3
Sun A x3
low lunge, side bend
low lunge twist
foward fold
chair pose
repeat on left


down dog split
high lunge, t-twist
revolved peaceful warrior
flying warrior
wide forward fold
half moon
warrior 3
chair pose, twist (option for side crow)
revolved hand to foot
repeat on left


down dog split
shin to floor x3
high lunge, t-twist
high lunge
warrior 2
peaceful warrior
half moon
warrior 3
forward fold, chair,
repeat on left


half pigeon right side
half straddle (right knee bent left leg straight)
side bend, forward fold
repeat on left
lower to belly
easy twist
happy baby

When you feel powerless, like you fucked up and failed majorly, how can you reclaim your power, your purpose, your sense of self?  My answer: I find my breath, my ground and repeat the mantra I AM ENOUGH.  I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HERE.  I CAN.  Tell me yours!