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Rewriting the Narrative

It’s been nearly six months since I left New York. I’ve come back once again - this time, to rewrite the story between me and New York. One of the most power lessons I’ve learned this year is rewriting the narrative. This concept doesn’t mean lying to myself about the truth of what happened. It doesn’t mean pretending that trauma and hurt did not occur. It is, rather, the act of framing my part in my own story less as the victim and more as an active participant in my own narrative. Events happen to victims. Protagonists create the action. I am ready to be the protagonist. 
Are you ready to engage with the story of this last year and rewrite your narrative? If your 2018 was as deeply traumatic and painful as mine, this is your opportunity to turn all of the incredible hurt into lessons. 

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Reflections Pt 1

There are 30 days left in the year.
30 days left to choose joy over hate.
30 days left to choose forgiveness over spite.
30 days left to choose courage over cowardice.
This year I said would be the year of courage moment. I was courageous. I was brave. I did things I had been too afraid to do for the past few years. My intention to act, think, and feel from a place of courage also means that I must reflect courageously on what has transpired these past 335 days. It’s lead me to one overarching idea: The home I am looking for needs to be me.

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Lessons from East to West

I’m grateful that I have an extra time to reflect on this whirlwind trip back to the city. It is way sooner than I anticipated. My leaving felt like getting into a huge fight with a significant other and promptly breaking up. It felt like a messy and emotional door-slamming drama, something that is remarkably challenging to come back from. I felt utterly torn apart and beaten down and almost irreparably broken. Coming back before I thought I was ready brought into sharp focus all of the ways in which I am truly thriving in my new LA life that I have built from the ground up with hard work, consistency, trust in myself, and some magic from the universe. A month later, this is what I have learned from relocating with no expectations, just some desires and emotions and baggage (of the literal kind). 

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How To Advocate for Yourself

I look back on all of the times that I have held myself back because I didn't think I was worth fighting for; I look back on all the times I didn't take the risk or say how I feel or use the voice that I was gifted. I hope that I am the last generation of young women who were trained from a very young age to be smaller, to speak softer, to hide under the pretense of civility, to sacrifice everything for another person, to acquiesce because it is the easier, though probably more damaging, path. Don’t let other’s fear of your personal power deter you from standing in your truth. Know your worth. Tell yourself your truth. Speak up, speak out, and let go.

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We All Need Closure

This past Saturday, my dear friend Miguel and I walked through the streets of Soho soaking in the sunshine and the warmth. We spoke about our joys, our big plans for the future, our lives. Most importantly, we spoke about closure. Endings are hard. They are also inevitable. So how can we gracefully write an ending to a chapter?  How do we get closure? Most of the time, closure is something that we have to create for ourselves by ourselves.

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Why I Run: Team For Kids

People like to celebrate their birthdays in all different sorts of ways. For me, I like to run a race. It reminds me that I have this gift of a body that moves and a heart that beats and a brain that thinks. It reminds me that even if I’m struggling, I am alive and what a gift that is.  This year I’m running the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon for Team for Kids. Team for Kids brings running and athletic programming to youth around the city for free. You can help me by donating here.

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A Love Letter to New York

 New York and I have been through many ups and downs, but like any partners, we have found a way to keep going because the love is there. And that makes it worth it. I don’t like the idea of Valentine’s Day. I feel that every day should be a celebration of the people we love. So, instead of expressing my love to the people who already know they have it, I’m dedicating today to a place and idea that easily desrves a daily show of affection: New York City.

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