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Rewriting the Narrative

It’s been nearly six months since I left New York. I’ve come back once again - this time, to rewrite the story between me and New York. One of the most power lessons I’ve learned this year is rewriting the narrative. This concept doesn’t mean lying to myself about the truth of what happened. It doesn’t mean pretending that trauma and hurt did not occur. It is, rather, the act of framing my part in my own story less as the victim and more as an active participant in my own narrative. Events happen to victims. Protagonists create the action. I am ready to be the protagonist. 
Are you ready to engage with the story of this last year and rewrite your narrative? If your 2018 was as deeply traumatic and painful as mine, this is your opportunity to turn all of the incredible hurt into lessons. 

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The Fallacy of "Belief in a Just World"

Though Monday and this whole week has been hard, I’m incredibly grateful for it. They say that relationships, of any sort, with other people allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves so that we see who we truly are. The final mirror that was held up to me in this relationship was that I function in a fallacy called “belief in a just world”.  What is “belief in a just world? How do we dismantle it?

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Reflections Pt 2: Home

This is my home. It’s where I go when I don’t know where else to go.
Particularly around the holiday season, I think about what it means to be home, what it means to have a home. I used to have this idea in my heart that I would feel home when I found another person that wanted to make one with me. Then I thought, maybe if I live the place where my heart feels settled, I’ll finally find home. Then I thought, maybe if I found a group of people who believed in the same things I did, I would feel home. That idea got me closer to the truth but it still wasn’t everything I knew home needed to be for me.

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Reflections Pt 1

There are 30 days left in the year.
30 days left to choose joy over hate.
30 days left to choose forgiveness over spite.
30 days left to choose courage over cowardice.
This year I said would be the year of courage moment. I was courageous. I was brave. I did things I had been too afraid to do for the past few years. My intention to act, think, and feel from a place of courage also means that I must reflect courageously on what has transpired these past 335 days. It’s lead me to one overarching idea: The home I am looking for needs to be me.

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Taking on Stress with Gratitude

Last week we talked about what stress is. This week we start to learn strategies for taking it on and using stress to help us grow instead of allowing it to derail us. Strategy One is probably the kindest way in. It requires the least amount of discomfort. It’s Gratitude. Gratitude is now this big buzz word in the wellness community, which like all things in the wellness boom, has its pros and cons. What does it mean to actually embody a lifestyle of gratitude though? Gratitude also does not mean ignoring that things get challenging or that there are moments, sometimes large spans of time in life, that are truly distressing. This would be simply ignoring the reality of the world we live in. Things get hard. People can be mean. Life circumstances may change and leave you feeling utterly unstable. In our modern lives, gratitude means embracing the stressors and instead of deciding that they are a threat, treating them as challenges from which we can learn and grow.

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When All the Normal Things Don’t Work

It is not possible for all of life to be completely wonderful and effortless all of the time. The contrast between each high and low is what helps us conceptualize and appreciate the difference between joy and despair, healing and hurting, fully realized awe and detachment. Yoga and meditation are incredible powerful tools because they allow to gain some, if not all, of our agency back from circumstances that seemingly have swallowed us whole. With a healthy perspective and a non-attachment to feelings and thoughts as our identity, we gain freedom from feelings and reclaim our ability to manifest the lives we deserve.  

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Make It Work

On our drive back form Big Sur, we started down the PHC, watching the sunset, the rolling hills, and the expansive ocean slip by. Nate turned on The Joe Rogan Experience.  I was half asleep because of my carcolypsy, the 30 miles of terrain we covered, and the epic game of Ultimate we joined in on after making some new friends on the beach. In a moment though, I shook myself out of my half-sleep to follow the threads of logic in the conversation between Joe and Jordan Peterson. Here’s the thing that hit me hardest, that shook me awake: we have to “find a way of being that works even under the direst of circumstances”.

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Happy is an Inside Job

Feelings will come and go.  Thoughts, too, will flow. So, if we remain, even after the feelings, even after the thoughts, that must mean who we are is much deeper than those things.  Our contentment is deeper than the objects and titles we possess. Our contentment is deeper the relationships in our lives. Our contentment lives deep under the waves and the storms and the sunshine. It resides in the stillness of who we are in the present moment and our ability to move from that place.

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