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Rumination vs Reflection

As I’ve been journeying through this brave new life in Los Angeles, I’ve gained plenty of time to reflect on the circus that has been 2018. Not one single part of it has been easy or effortless.  All of it has been entangled with hard choices and even harder feelings to manage. I’m human and I’ve made a ton of mistakes. There is still so much I have to learn in the ways of empathy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, what it really means to love another human. By far, the biggest discovery I’ve made is confusing that I’ve been confusing ruminating with reflection. Both of these elements are looking back at the past. Our reflections can easily get hijacked and turned into rumination. How can we then steer ourselves back towards balance and growth?

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All That Power

Songs are written about it. People die for it. Everyone has it.
And guess what, it’s not love.  It’s power. The times, they are a-changing and what power once was is slowly starting to evolve. What is it? Why do we all have it? How do we not get lost inside of it?

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The Vast Open Space

I tend to have a high tolerance for wading through the unknown. It doesn’t bother me so much that my day-to-day or week-to-week fluctuate a large amount because I know that I’m still moving in the general direction towards the things I think I want. But what happens when we lose sight of what we want?  What if that changes, as it might? How do we course correct and give ourselves the opportunity to realign our lives with our inherent higher purpose? Find the Vast Open Space.

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More than a Body

When my worth is rooted in my body: That ass. Those hips. That waist. Those lips.
When my worth is rooted in who I am: That mind. That drive. That passion. That integrity.
You are more than an arm, a thigh, an ass, a stomach.
You are more than eyes and hair and breasts and penciled in eyebrows and smooth legs from shaving.
You are more than one thought, one story, one moment.
You are more and you deserve more.
Let’s use our language to change the conversation, change the thoughts, and change the world.

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The more time I spend on this planet coming up against the normal challenges of living and growing, the more my bones understand the power of the female collective. I used to say that it was really hard for me to make friends with other women. What was true: the social conditioning to distrust the female gender.  There is a special kind of magic that fills the universe when women come together to hold and love and support one another. I want each and every woman to feel the same support I do when I am around the women who make up my sisterhood. So let’s start at the beginning. Let’s break down some bullshit stereotypes that are perpetuated by social conditioning.

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