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Their Happiness is NOT Yours

Their happiness is not your happiness. My wonderful friend, Beth, spoke these words to me until I believed them. In our lows though, it can still be hard for our hearts to believe them.

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Rewriting the Narrative

It’s been nearly six months since I left New York. I’ve come back once again - this time, to rewrite the story between me and New York. One of the most power lessons I’ve learned this year is rewriting the narrative. This concept doesn’t mean lying to myself about the truth of what happened. It doesn’t mean pretending that trauma and hurt did not occur. It is, rather, the act of framing my part in my own story less as the victim and more as an active participant in my own narrative. Events happen to victims. Protagonists create the action. I am ready to be the protagonist. 
Are you ready to engage with the story of this last year and rewrite your narrative? If your 2018 was as deeply traumatic and painful as mine, this is your opportunity to turn all of the incredible hurt into lessons. 

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The Fallacy of "Belief in a Just World"

Though Monday and this whole week has been hard, I’m incredibly grateful for it. They say that relationships, of any sort, with other people allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves so that we see who we truly are. The final mirror that was held up to me in this relationship was that I function in a fallacy called “belief in a just world”.  What is “belief in a just world? How do we dismantle it?

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All That Power

Songs are written about it. People die for it. Everyone has it.
And guess what, it’s not love.  It’s power. The times, they are a-changing and what power once was is slowly starting to evolve. What is it? Why do we all have it? How do we not get lost inside of it?

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Showing up for Yourself

In my experience, it’s fifty-eleven times easier to show up for other people than it is to show up for myself. I recieved years of training on how to show up for other people. It’s a large part of my work. It feels like a part of my DNA. Try as I might, I just don’t know how to turn that part of myself off (and maybe that is a fantastic thing). “Showing up” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the communities I’m a part of. What does that mean though? How do you do that for other people?  How do you do that for yourself? It is a powerful message of solidarity: no matter what you uncover about who you are, about this mess we’re in, I’m here with you.

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Rooted in Your Light

People and experiences are meant to flow in and out of our lives.  They all have a season, admittedly some seasons are longer than others. So why would I continue to look for any sense of stability in the very things I know are not meant to last forever?  The two things that will always be there for me?  Me and this earth.

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More than a Body

When my worth is rooted in my body: That ass. Those hips. That waist. Those lips.
When my worth is rooted in who I am: That mind. That drive. That passion. That integrity.
You are more than an arm, a thigh, an ass, a stomach.
You are more than eyes and hair and breasts and penciled in eyebrows and smooth legs from shaving.
You are more than one thought, one story, one moment.
You are more and you deserve more.
Let’s use our language to change the conversation, change the thoughts, and change the world.

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