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Unfilled Time and Space

I firmly believe though that right thing for you will always happen at the precise moment when you make space for it. No space means no space to fill. I came out to the West Coast with nothing but space and time. It was that freedom that allowed me to rebuild a life that is sustainable and thrive-able. That doesn’t mean there are not challenges and fluctuations and friction.  These qualities are inherent in growth. It does mean, however, that generally I cry less from frustration and more from joy. Give yourself space to be with yourself. You will thank you.

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Practicing Solitude

I am a solitary morning person. If I interact with another person at, say, 5 am, I'm really not a joy to be around. But interacting with myself at 5am?  That's when some of my best thinking happens. Solitude is different than loneliness but we have started to interchange those two words so that they feel like one experience. Our perception determines our reality. So, if we equate solitude with loneliness, we miss out on the gifts that solitude has to offer us.

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