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Practice What You Preach

Releasing is tapping into the softer side of ourselves. Releasing comes from a place of making peace with circumstances, perceived limitations, who we are, who the other person is. Releasing is understanding that our attachments to our ideas of what we are are limiting what could be. In this flow can you let the thoughts and the feelings and the sensations wash over you without attaching your identity or worth or significance to any one thought/feeling/sensation in particular? Show up honestly- perhaps a little messy or tired or confused or wound tightly- and know that this practice will hold you.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

This week reminded me how lucky I am to have a voice, and with it an incredible responsibility to use it wisely.  Do I have the courage to speak out against the injustice I see happening around me?  Do I have the wisdom to speak up in a non-combative but rather compassionate way? Do I have the integrity to act compassionately towards those who are in the most need, towards those whose voices are drowned out by the roar of prejudice? My challenge for all of us: use the privilege, power, and position that we have, use our voices, to elevate instead of destroy.

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