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Building and Bolstering Resilience

These last few weeks of the year can be a time of great celebration and reflection. What have I learned from both my triumphs and my failure this year? What energy am I looking to take with me into the new year and what am I finally ready to leave behind? As the stressors and obligations start to ratchet up, we have some choices to make: get knocked down and swallowed up by stress or choose to bounce back. Let the bounce back be even more spectacular than the setback. We call the ability to bounce back Resilience. 

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Starting From the Bottom

Today, we look at the story of hitting the bottom. This is what Brene Brown calls the physics of vulnerability.  When we cultivate vulnerability, inevitably, we will fall. Hard. We will break down. We will hit the messy, painful bottom and then we will build ourselves up again. The building back up is resilience.

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