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Building and Bolstering Resilience

These last few weeks of the year can be a time of great celebration and reflection. What have I learned from both my triumphs and my failure this year? What energy am I looking to take with me into the new year and what am I finally ready to leave behind? As the stressors and obligations start to ratchet up, we have some choices to make: get knocked down and swallowed up by stress or choose to bounce back. Let the bounce back be even more spectacular than the setback. We call the ability to bounce back Resilience. 

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Unfilled Time and Space

I firmly believe though that right thing for you will always happen at the precise moment when you make space for it. No space means no space to fill. I came out to the West Coast with nothing but space and time. It was that freedom that allowed me to rebuild a life that is sustainable and thrive-able. That doesn’t mean there are not challenges and fluctuations and friction.  These qualities are inherent in growth. It does mean, however, that generally I cry less from frustration and more from joy. Give yourself space to be with yourself. You will thank you.

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I arrived in a new place that is very different from my old home. It’s been a week and my body still thinks it’s on east coast time. I wake up every day at 4am, like my heart doesn’t want me to forget what I left behind just yet. I feel like I should be acclimated already. I’m impatient. I’m annoyed. And mainly with myself. Perhaps I am being too hard on myself. All of this tells me that I haven’t fully arrived yet.  I did all of the things that said “I’ve have arrived”, but part of me is still somewhere else.  It’s not here. It’s not now. This week, I’m consciously recognizing the ways in which I don’t arrive fully. Then I’ll use these tools to show up more fully when I notice I’m doing everything in my power to run away. 

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