The UPrise Flow

We set out on a mission in January 2016 to change the way people interact with themselves.  How many times have I given myself boundaries that prohibit me from evolving into the greatest version of myself?  How can  I challenge my perception of myself?  My yoga practice opened my eyes to who I could be without all of the layers, without all of the masks. I then had a realization that was shared by my good friend and amazing yogi, Emily Torockio.  The HIIT and strength training work that I do is informed by my yoga practice and visa versa.  Out of this idea was born The UPrise flow, a sixty minute class that incorporates asana, weights, gliders, kettlebells, inversions and savasana.  I am so excited to announce that we will premier this class on October 2nd at YG studios.  Sign up via the link below.  Let's get sweaty.  #RISEUP. 

Kristin CalabriaComment